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Handling time - Please understand that I have a "day job" and that Edisonia is a "hobby" enterprise. During the winter months there may be delays in processing orders and we ask that when you order, you do so with the understanding that it may take 3 weeks for us to get your order completed.

While our shopping cart is fully functional, we are still working on the eye appeal and realize we need to improve its appearance.

A note about payments...we only accept payment through Paypal. This is the safest method that we have come up with in these times of cyber-security concerns. Not only do they have a great track record for keeping personal data safe, but they also give you (the consumer) a layer of protection if you are not pleased with your transaction. If you would prefer to pay by credit card, you may still do so but you will need to setup a free paypal account

If you would prefer to send a check, just drop us a note through the CONTACT page in our shopping cart.


We are transistioning to only offering our records in varying shades of dark blue. As we've produced our records in many colors over the years (usually red, light blue, dark blue or black) some of the slightly less popular selections are not yet available in dark blue.  Currently we are not able to guarantee which color a particular title is available in when your order is processed.  The color of the displayed records as seen in the photos and videos may not be the same as the record you receive.  If record color is important to you, please send us a note through our contact page prior to making your purchase.


Most of the recordings have either a video or audio file so you can hear the records before you decide on your purchase. We chose to make the recordings acoustically as opposed to electrically as we expect that the majority of our customers are purchasing the records to enjoy on vintage equipment. We wanted to do our best to give you an accurate representation of what you may expect. Playback quality will vary depending on the type and condition of reproducer you are using.

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Electric Cylinder Reproducers

Our electric reproducers drop in place of a standard Edison acoustic reproducer.  Install in seconds.  Connect the output to your computer or any device with an audio input (i.e. sound system, powered speakers, etc), even to your ipod or iphone!.    (more...)

Edisonia Reproducer

New Recording Blanks

New recording blanks made following period formulie & proocesses as used by the Edison & Columbia companies in the mid to late 1890's.   (more...)

New Recording Blanks 


Steel Victrola Needles

High Quality, Loud and Medium Tone Needles. Made in USA.   (more...)

Victrola Needle - Medium Tone