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About Edisonia Records
(formerly Edisonshop.com)

We have been in the Antique Phonograph Business since 1989; providing parts, records, phonographs & repair service world wide.  Originally begun in Munich, Germany - we moved to the United States in 1991.


In 1998, along with Peter Liebert of Nipperhead we developed and began marketing several models of electric cylinder pickups known as ACT & ACT2.


In 1999 we produced a limited number of simple, affordable 'modern' cylinder record players.

In 2001 we began manufacturing new wax cylinder blanks following the formulas of the mid-1890's.

In 2011 we started offering limited quantities of new cylinder records made for us by Vulcan Records.  These new records are made of durable, long lasting resins.  Our first selection - Thomas Edison's 1888 demonstration recording referred to as "Around the World on the Phonograph"

2012 - Due to demand exceeding supply, Edisonia begins making our own cylinder record molds & records in-house.  We are now officially 'the other cylinder record manufacturer'.

 2013 - Manufacturing capacity expanded.  We expect to add an average of 4 titles per month to our catalog. 

 Cylinder Records